Brief Analysis of China’s Ban on ICOs
Lindsay X. Lin

Ok… if it indeed true that the chinese regulators caught everyone by surprise… This really seems an effort to control the crypto trading market…

Because if there were some scams along the ways, which would've happen much easier if trading with fiat (just not in such high amounts, nor in such a short period of time), there are also some companies that are showing a very very promising future… So was there need for the ban? No! Absolutely not, its even questionable if there’s need for regulation like the americans have it…

The point is lots of people went and threw it all on the first ICO that promised the world in a platter… and that affects directly the chinese government, because there is less money in taxes and less money in the “real economy” as well, not to say that it directly defies the orders of the party… well i guess we all know what happens to those doing that. BAN!

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