The APEXmas

All the characters in this story are fictional and any resemblance to reality is just that a resemblance, mere coincidence! So go sit by the fireplace, crack open a nice bottle of wine and get ready for some CPXmas fun.

It was a rainy morning and it was cold outside, it was clear to all that the winter had come (just like the series said it would)! The walls had fallen and the alts were as low as Bran Stark.

Yet on the Apex Community where the joy always finds is way in despair wasn't to be seen. The community was cool headed and held and waited despite of the cold winter that was blazing through!

Our fundamentals are strong, so we will prevail some would shout on Telegram. While others… poor souls weak handed sold as Marten the Hammer Grinch took them all. “I shall have them all” he would think to him self. And so before anyone can buy, faster than Hermes went the Grinch to get that sweet CPX and those who were trying to DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)… one more blow they took to the morale. This would be a long winter.

Yet there was some fight left in us. Testnet is here. But the winter is hitting us as hard as they come. So Aldo Stark joins forces with Iflion Stark and alongside with Dogmeat and Wang they’ll get they’ll secure that great wall that is this Testnet. Tomek Lannister joined the crusade, as well as Clinton Giantsbane and Nash Tarly all to fight the same fight.

It wasn't easy many couldn't make it ( lacked the skill or the specifications) and some, like Miguel Rayden and Mandalf the mage (with the pics) incited them to go further and further and cheered for their victories as if they all were one just body! Even more because it was rumoured that the Devious Sauron One had joined forces with Marten the Hammer Grinch.

So in one of those nights I was walking home when a scroll came to me with the wind and hit me in the face… it said:

Bitcoin is now breaking
Miners have all gone home
Lots of people waiting
For Santa Hu to come!!

There’s a node in a wallet
Pi’s are in ready to roll
Being a part of this group
Is the greatest gift of all

The fire is slowly fading
People were loosing hope
Now testnet came raging
They’re sorry they've sold…

Through the FUD we saw the scoop
And the prizes won’t be small
But being a part of this group
Is the greatest gift of all

Just before I go to sleep
I check the charts again,
Merry CPXmas everyone
’cause APEX shall reign!!

So I put my hands and pray
For all those that have sold,
We all now get to say
For this is APEX now behold!

So be smart, come and get some
Because even when things seem dark
Great achievements are to come
For those who in this journey embark.

And after the main part was over then was time for a bit of fun. Some questions that were point worthy which the brave Iflion Stark once more defied the elements, some 180 horses and even a faraday cage and after battling the elements the rush was so high the made him almost invincible and all knowing. Even with fingers half frozen he would type faster than anyone else. And we would jump filled with happiness as people than gone by were most likely thinking, ok that one lost his mind. Little did they know. Not only was Iflion Stark perfectly sane as he was also statistically closer to win those so wanted CPX for Xmas. I’m just saying it because while I went out to get a bag of coffee yet I was struck by yet another scroll… and it said:

Dear Santa Hu,

I have held, I confess that sometimes I had doubts, but they were so swiftly put to rest that I feel as bullish as ever with your approach to blockchain. Taking it to the enterprises which otherwise would most likely be so very easily stripped out of their data as the portuguese jester always says. Also giving us all a chance to get them so cheap. To further down the road trade between tokens. Santa Hu please defeat the Marten Hammer Grinch who we all know is a good guy deep down. After all he just wants more.

I was touched by such kindness and as such (one would think I would mail that right?) I grabbed a pigeon named Jay bird who would deliver the message to Santa Hu. There would be no stopping that little bird to take the scroll to Santa Hu.

After reading such tales Santa Hu sent some gnomes (read admins and the rest of the dev team) to better assess the situation. After taking a closer look the gnomes reported back to Santa Hu and started spreading the joy through enterprises across all the realm. They soon would be able to get REAL data from REAL people without intermediaries and only the people who REALLY wanted to share and were REALLY interested in getting their products or services would be getting in touch with them! What more could the enterprises want and what more could the people of the realm want.

In the CPXmas morning I thought I heard a honk… turned around and between semi closed eyes I started walking. Then I heard the sound of tires on the road and a “Hu, Hu, Hu”, glimpsed through the window “It can’t be!” as I kept stumbling into everything that came across the way and maybe even what wasn't. I was so excited to see Santa Hu that I must have been so lucky not to break a leg, a foot and one arm as I opened the door… all I got to see was a graceful blue Maserati fade away. “I missed him for just a few seconds” said I as a tear dropped trough my face. Slammed the door and went and went to check my mail and there it was… “Thank you for entering the contest!” wink Santa Hu. Another tear dropped. I was now cold, it seemed like forever until mainnet. Even if it was just a couple of months away until launch!

So as I went to Switcheo to get some more CPX before the winter was gone for good. I hadn't even connected the ledger, yes because you all now safety first there it was on my NEON wallet! I kept crying but what were sad cold tears became warm happy tears!

Ouch! “Today my head hurts like hell, must have bumped it somewhere”! Yes by now you have guessed it was but a nice dream!

Have a Merry CPXmas!!! May Santa Hu brings joy to your home and to your heart, may he protect your data although that’s up to you. I’ll be seeing you on Telegram and Twitter because when we all come together magic things will happen some say its CPXmas!



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