My First Steps into The future…

On Sunday 14 August 2016, i was anxious and also eager in an equal measure to join the Andela BootCamp class 9 that was to start on the following Monday. During my research i had discovered that respected media outlets like The Wall Street Journal and CNN, classified Andela as one of the hardest place to join, harder than Princeton and Harvard universities. I had struggled too much for such statements to make me lose hope, well; i told myself, “Migwi, you can never know how strong, intelligent or brilliant you are till you push yourself to the limit”. That’s how i made a decision to work hard and join Andela. My main reason was to learn world class skills of how to solve problems using computers.

By 7.50 am on Monday morning, I knocked the main gate of the Andela offices located at 525 Kindaruma Road, Kilimani. Before i opted to knock, i had pressed almost all the buttons on the Door Bell system to no avail. After sometime a male security officer opened the small gate and then gave me a look like to ask, “Are you lost?” or “What the hell do you want?”. To avoid the eye contact i broke the silence and told him that i was there for the boot camp. He gladly allowed me in. In my mind i told myself, “Maybe this is the reason they say that getting into Andela is not easy, well i am in now”.

On being cleared at the gate i headed to the training room where i got a seat in the middle of two boot campers; Stanely Mwangi was on my right hand side and Didas was on my left side. I shook their hands and we started on a high note, i got to know of Stanley as he told me that he was from Egerton. Stanley was a more open person than Didas and i got to know him before our positions were switched.

I did get new friends that include; Muli, Austin, Opiyo and Kennedy. The four of them are some of the best people i have meet so far; Muli is that type of a guy who is eager to know something he doesn’t grasp yet. He often challenges me and i like it. We get to talk more with Kennedy, he never gets tired of answering all the questions i ask him and that is cool of him. I wish i had 1,001 friends like them, my life would be much easier.

The Andela fellow in ‘Spects’, i mean Mr. Alex Mturi. At times he looks so serious, especially during my face to face interview he was among the panel members. He made me feel like he was the tough and strict type but later came to realise how cool he was, he currently is my favourite trainer.

All hell kinda broke loose on Tuesday, my ‘laptop’ frequently went off due to the power extensions being disconnected since they were on the floor. On average in every half an hour my machine whose battery is worn out had to go off and i would spend approximately three minutes trying to restore my work spaces. Then things got worse when the “laptop’s” touch pad just stopped working, i then knew that i might be among those who will leave Andela. Since i couldn’t operate my machine without a mouse, i made an effort to walk outside and seek help from the various Andela Fellows around. I met Jackie first and she gladly offered her external mouse and i was sorted for the whole afternoon.

In the evening, the impossible happened. The recruitment team lead by James Ndiga decided to extend the time they needed before they can start eliminating us. To me that was a miracle in action since they added us 24 more hours and that is awesome of them. As i write this, am still in Andela and am doing my best to pass.

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