Wind of Santiago #14: wasteland Meseta

We are walking through the wasteland for days. It happens that for few hours there is no supermarkets, good shade, houses, just a long wasteland. Usually I write something in the memoirs or I read the bible if the path is not demanding.

I am using walking sticks. I think they help a lot, I have more stability and put more weight on them. The hands are on a higher position so they are not swollen like when they are down near the legs. It is important for me to have a break, sometimes after half an hour, sometimes after two hours. You listen to your body and you feel when the pain becomes critical.

In the forest we meet again Tatars, the couple from Russia. It is so nice to see them, they are so beautiful and happy together. And it is a chance for me to practice Russian.

We come to Boadilla de Camino to the albergue En el camino. There is a big garden, a bit of art, nice food and most of the time we hang out in the bar. It is just near the centre where the church is together with an old gothic column which was used as a place for punishing the criminals in the past. There with us is Sergio from the Canary Islands and he is persistent in mentioning that it is the most beautiful place in the world. He hasn’t been to Croatia. There is also a half German half Romanian called Hanna. She is a doctor and is taking care of Astin. Both of his ankles are now swollen. We met Hanna for the first time yesterday in the monastery St. Anton while drinking the beer but she had to continue walking because there was no empty bed for her. We are trying to make Astin stop a bit and wait until he recovers but he is a strong Korean warrior, doesn’t want to quit. I also had some problems a few days ago. My feet hurted so much, felt the pain in my bones so I bought the sandals in Santo Domingo. Today we met Andras the Hungarian whom we meet every once and a while and he had the same sandals as I did. Tomorrow we are planning to have a relaxing day and are hoping to sleep in the monastery where the nuns are singing and after that, we will walk longer distances. That is the first time we are making a plan and not going with the wind. Andras is actually living in Transilvania in Romania which used to belong to Hungary in the past which seems to be a painful fact for the Hungarians.

Koreans are using hands to make a symbol of a heart by crossing the thumb and the index finger. It looks like a heart:

Here is Astin’s short video which looks like a commercial to me: