You’re trying to please everyone.
Here’s How a Good Idea Goes to Crap
Todd Brison

Even though, we are social beings we sometimes need to discard others and focus on ourselves. Altruism and sincerity are two very powerful words that need to be seriously revived in today´s world and way of living. Many people do not even know the exact meaning of these two words and that is why building ourselves to live a happy, content and self-confident life is of great importance. Certain individuals would do anything to keep you down in order to remain in charge. The only way to stand up to those kinds of characters is to think outside the box and create yourself to your own standards.

Create a compelling personality to become a stronger and healthier person. Keep in mind that this process starts and ends with filling up the void within. Doubt, fear, and procrastination are the perfect environment to become a sad, broken puppet, moaning about your life and not doing anything to improve the situation.

Wake up and look within!

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