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I am not sure, but does not the democracy work for the greater good of all people. The more I am listening to Trump escapades, the more they remind me of solo guerilla action. How on Earth did he manage to come this far? Can you imagine what would happen if he is going to be elected? Even though he managed to come from a million to several billion, he sold his humanity and all the family values along the way. I am coming from Slovenia and therefore know the true background about Melania. It is hard to understand how can she play along with this charade. There is no place for a person of his caliber to even enter the election race. The entire thing feels like a poorly directed reality show. Sadly, we are talking about one of the most powerful countries in the World. What is going on here? I sincerely hope this is just a smoke screen for something bigger behind the scene. A well thought diversion for something else. Please wake up and help creating a better World for all of us instead of paving a road to Hell.