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We’re talking a lot about productivity these days. And more than that we try to impose ourselves different ways to stay productive, ways in which we can maximize our working time, and in the end, this is not a bad thing, right?

But what do we do when all our productivity plan is sabotaged by various decisions we’re taking? What do we do when by the end of the day our list of accomplished tasks has not decreased and we start panicking that we don’t have enough time to finish them?


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Sometimes we feel the pressure of doing a lot of things and investing our time in different activities and by the end of the day, we feel exhausted from running and trying to accomplish all these requests.

And then we end up complaining how tired we are, being sorry that the day has only 24 hours and that we are losing ourselves through the number of activities waiting on our to-do list.

Hey, it is perfectly fine to say “no” to some of these things. Can you repeat after me, please?


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Professional growth.

We’re all seeking professional growth and that’s because we’re all looking to be better than yesterday, smarter than last year and we need to fit that image that we’ve created in our heads about the future us. Which is fine. But how about the moment when we get stuck and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel showing us in which way we should conduct our professional activity?

That’s part of my job. Helping people see that light again or creating them the context for finding it.


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I was talking a while ago with a workmate, hearing him complaining by the big number of regression defects he’s identifying each time a new build gets to the QA environment.

Let’s call him Bob.

And to make things clear from the very beginning, Bob was not complaining by the fact he’s finding defects during testing, nor the fact that he needs to carefully test the features, on the contrary, Bob was thrilled by his job and was feeling quite proud that he was the final gate in the delivery process.


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Let’s admit it, a teenager finishing high-school and starting college is unlikely to tell you he’s/she’s dreaming to become a software tester.

When I was in college (more than 10 years ago) I barely heard about software testing and when I did, it was because of one course that we had. That was the only course that somehow mentioned the concept of software testing.

Every minute a new mobile application, game 🎮, or website is crafted and the technology field is running so fast so that software testers are on high demand…

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In some days I decide to go and have lunch on my own. Usually, I pick a small table to enjoy my lunch, putting my cell phone away and focusing on my thoughts and the people entering and leaving the restaurant.

There are cases when people around me are engaged in conversations, and naturally, when hearing some triggering words (software, developer, tester, work, etc.), I put my thoughts on pause and start listening to theirs. Why do I do that? Because I’m trying to find myself in their stories.

So, today’s characters…

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Why Are Software Development Teams Similar To Football Teams?

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I used to be a football fan in my adolescence and young adulthood and I was rarely missing the important derbies on TV. I knew by that time all the big teams from Premier League, Serie A or Primera Division and all the famous players. The crush was so real, that I was keeping a journal with all the match statistics of my favorite team.

Well, the years passed by and my passions and priorities changed, the only thing that remained unchanged is that I’m still watching the football section at sports…

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When I first thought I would like to write things learned from my experience as software tester I did not have any kind of a plan.

“Should I buy a domain? How should I name it? How am I going to manage all the stuff a blog requires? Do I need a theme for it? I don’t even have a plan on what to write though.” These kind of things were running through my head by that time. And by that time I refer to the end of 2016.

So, I needed…

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“Agile” or “being Agile” is not a new thing anymore, right? We have even worked or we are working in Agile environments or we are at least familiar with all its concepts.

When we think to Agile, and more precise, to Scrum, the one thing that comes rapidly to our mind is the daily stand-up. At least, that’s for me. I feel that the stand-up is the way I’m starting my Agile day.

What is actually the stand-up in Agile world?

“Each day at the same time, the team meets so as to bring everyone up to date on the information that is vital for coordination: each team…

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First thing first, let’s agree on what is a community of practice.

A community of practice is a group of people who come together to build and share knowledge, to build and share skills, to build networks, and to build recognition. — UCD Dublin

Why is it so hard to create a community of practice? Have tried to type this question on Google search hoping I can get the answer to all the questions I had on this topic. It didn’t happen.

But I can confirm it is pretty hard to get the people together and make them think alike…

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