I’ll probably get hounded for saying this, but at the end of the day merit wins over diversity.
Michael Doane

Michael, I hear your sentiment and I’ve thought about this myself and what the right course of action is here. I have come to the conclusion that the problem of hiring for merit is that minorities haven’t been given those opportunities in the first place to build their resumes and stand out as the winning candidate. It’s a cyclical problem. I personally think there needs to be some systemic intervention that at least levels the playing field sooner so that we can ensure organic equality in the future. But I understand that this can be discriminatory in and of itself. One of the tactics I’ve read about is diversity recruitment, the thought being if you can at least bring in more diverse candidates into the pool, it increases the likelihood of strong minority candidate being selected. I also think awareness of this paradigm in general really helps, as there is plenty of implicit bias in the hiring process.

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