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-As a company, Invacio is poised to become the leader in both enterprise and consumer Artificial Intelligence. -We are the ONLY A.I. company to speak at the United Nations to date. -Our internal Hedge Fund that uses our proprietary Trading A.I. is up 75% in 3 months. -Our email and communication software is beyond military grade encryption. -Our Artificial intelligence / Data Resources are tremendously valuable to countries and companies alike. -Our Facial Recognition software is about to revolutionize identifying terrorists/bad guys (hello big brother). -We will accept our coins for payment for our services, so there will be a market …this is our back-stop for the coin. Also, the founder, William West is going to gift a certain number of “C” shares of stock with coins. It is a gift, and outside the parameters of SEC transactions, and completely legal. So, here are the basics: -We will release 150Million coins - 5% + 10% will be gifted on top (roughly 20–25m ) -Not all at once. The coins will be released in phases during the presale to facilitate a gentle rise in value. -Pre- Launch value will be .30 cents USD (now, this is available today.) -Launch Value should be between $1.05 and $1.40 USD / coin. -With a minimum purchase of $100 USD you receive "C" Shares of Invacio at a rate to be determined later… this is a gift and should not influence your decision. -The coins will trade on the various exchanges such as Cryptopia EtherDelta and various others. -A digital wallet can be acquired for free on our coin site, however we HIGHLY recommend you spend a little time researching wallets and keys and passwords so that you understand how to use this technology. Besides ours, the Best Wallets for use are Mist, ImToken, MyETHERWallet, with many others available (including local, anything ERC20 compatible) -For payment we will accept USD, BTC LTC ETH DODG etc.. Paypal, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Blackcoin. -Every referral over $100 will receive 5% of the purchases once the purchaser and themselves have bought over 100 USD. (There will be a referral link on your coin dashboard). -Shares of "C" Stock are privately held and will be eligible for dividend but not vote, and will be distributed at end of Pre-Sale. -Certificates for C shares can be downloaded at wallet page, but will be registered on Companies House UK. Note we will in time launch our own exchange, credit card to draw funds directly from coins, and probably our own bank.