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If you have ever talked to a runner before, chances are they may have told you that they have always been a runner or wanted to run. In the case of Hillhouse runner Jack Brophy that wasn’t even close to his goal. The seventeen-year-old Junior is the only person on Hillhouse’s track team to not attend the school. He attends Hamden’s ESUMS (Engineering and Science University Magnet School).

Brophy wanted to be a runner after he did a 5K with his mom. “I started running after I did a 5k with my mom after she became a runner.” He said. His mom was the person who encouraged him to run and told him to join a team. He realized he liked the team when he felt it was easier to run with a team then by himself. He didn’t really have a moment when it clicked that he was really good at running, that happened only after he started doing well in races.

Brophy has tried to run every semester in high school but has had to sit out a couple of seasons to focus on his academics because he finds the academic load of his classes to be overwhelming at times. At ESUMS they focus on the academic side of high school more than the athletic side. He found the Hillhouse track team partially because of the lack of athletics at ESUMS. They have almost no teams at the school and he was able to get permission to run because he lives in New Haven already.

Brophy tried other sports as well, he started out as a baseball player but couldn’t see the ball very well because he needed glasses and he felt he wasn’t very good at it. He went on to try karate but “It wasn’t quite as active as a sport for me.” He said. He realized that he loved track after pushing himself through a tough first track season as a freshman. He likes track because “It’s easy to do, it lets me have time away from the world, two hours away from school or home or everything else.” He said.

Brophy wants to make it to the State Track tournament this year for the first time. His running time qualified him for a placement last year but he couldn’t attend. This year he wants to place but has the disadvantage of not running last season to focus on his academics. He wants to be able to run faster so that his lower times will be able to get him qualify for states. He needs to run a mile in just under six minutes to qualify to compete.

His specialty in running is the relay race and he also wants to do more Javelin throwing in competition, something he feels he is good at but needs more practice in. “I have good form but I don’t have the power.” He said. He can get it to end up in a nearby area to place it in, but he needs to have more distance to be able to place higher in competitions. “I would like to throw over one-hundred feet which would be nice, right now I’m stuck in the seventies to eighties range.” Brophy said.

He has a goal of getting back to running a mile in only five minutes and ten seconds which was his previous best numbers. Brophy would love to go to nationals to race but he would have to be able to run a mile in the four-minute range and he feels he is far from ready for that.

His ultimate goal is to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. He wants to run there at the academy but doesn’t feel he would have enough time to run and keep up with academics. He does feel he can do well physically at the academy because of his running background.

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