QPay Global 🌍 continues to Impress

Releases “Q-WALLET” 🚀🚀🚀

http://wallet.qpay.group 👈Download

Qpay Global continues to impress and prove it’s more than a vision but indeed reality by giving investors something very rare to ICOs and IEOs. What is that, you may ask? A working piece of the puzzle.

QPay Developers released their wallet “Q-Wallet" for initial testing to community members with full functionality on May 20th 2019 during their IEO on Sistemkoin.

QPay will officially release Q-Wallet on the Google Play store within the next few days and IOS version “comming soon" according to CEO and lead developer T. Rahaman.

Rahaman has also eluded to Qpay Globals centrelized exchange “QuantaEX” nearing completion along with “QUASH" (Merchant Payment Gateway) being far along in development. Could we see another release soon?

Investors have clearly taken notice of the ability and deliverance of the Qpay Global team with over 20m+ tokens raised(IEO price $.05) just 24 hrs from announcing the release of “Q-Wallet” spiking IEO sales. I have a feeling things are just Heating up for Qpay Global 🔥🔥🔥

Q-Wallet’s ease of use and advanced features have proved impressive to investors. With more advanced features than your normal wallet, Q-Wallet gives users many fresh features.

Users have the ability to import accounts, create burner accounts or protect accounts via pin or pass phrase and more. Highlight the star next to a asset to Favorite a coin/token. The ability to disable screenshots is also a new security feature not always accessible via cryptocurrency wallets.

The UI and visual features of Q-Wallet boast a high degree of customization, giving users the ability to fully control their wallet truely making it their very own. Change color schemes, text coloration, choose between day/night mode or auto and also chose your native fiat currency for conversion display.

With hundreds of coins/tokens to choose from if you still cant find what your looking for simply add it.

Congratulations to the Qpay Golbal team on releasing “Q-Wallet". We will be anticipating further news and announcments while enjoying this quality wallet! Keep up the good work 👏👏👏

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1. First opening screen after making any account.

2. Select account menu if you want to create a new one or TEST ACCOUNT.

3. Now click on (+) sign

4. Now select what type of account you want to create. Example: we want to create an account with PIN. Click "Create Key with PIN"

5. Input your PIN (Better 6 digit) then "ok"

6. Now all these accounts appears on screen. ( 4-5 accounts are our developers pre-build for example) Find your account and "START" that. Remove all others Right to Left SWIPE.

7. Now you again come in dashboard. Its time to select your network and assets. Select and STAR them.