Qpay Global 🌍 Pre-IEO ⚡Flash Review

What is QPAY Global?

Qpay Global is a triad of products and services essential for the advancement of digital assets. Eqquiped to provide a well rounded platform for everyone. Qpay will offer three complimenting parts to their ecosystem.

đŸ”„QuantaEX- Advanced Digital Asset Exchange (CEX) Compatible and designed to work hand and hand with “QUASH."

đŸ”„Q-Wallet- A wallet for everyday use. Supports over 50 cryptocurency such as BCT, ETH, QPAY and more. But it’s not your everyday wallet. QPAY global host IPFS data storage, giving you the privacy you deserve! Privacy is very valuable and so is your data. With Q-wallet’s IPFS data storing you decide who can access your data. Q-Wallet will be avaliable for Android, IOS and Web App Versions.

*Release TBA but is Ready for beta testing* 👏👏👏

Teasers released By nDex-Network/ Qpay Global Lead Develper and CEO -Tanvir Rahaman ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is a great sign from the Qpay team’s productivity, talents and determination as they will release a wallet nearly simultaneously with the launch of QPAY IEO.


đŸ”„QUASH- Quite possibly the most advantageous feature of what QPAY Global will be offering is their “Next Gen Blockchain Payment Gateway". QUASH provides consumers and merchants both a easier way to spend and accept payments that used to be difficult to process. A smooth and easily integration of QUASH for merchants will give consumers the ability to make purchases with cryptocurrency which is then sold on the exchange and converted to the desired currency of their choice.

**QUASH will help accelerate mass adoption by simplifying the transition between traditional and digital currencies and eliminating the barrier between consumers and merchants when using digital assets. Not to mention merchants pay $0.00 a free initial setup with no upfront cost!**

QPAY Global could/should easily prove to be a valued project to the Cryptosphere, taking us one step closer to Mass adoption by normalizing acceptance of digital assets and solving currency conversions quarles.

QuantaEx | A High Scale Digital Asset Exchange. Native token QPay (QPY)

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