My Story

God Healed me!

Family picture — Long time ago… :)

I am third born out of 7 children. My parents love and follow Jesus. At the age of 9, my teacher punished me severely because I didn’t do my homework. He repeatedly beat me and my legs bled. That day I decided not to go back to school again.

My parents treated my legs for a couple of days and insisted I go back to school but I refused. So my dad took me and left me at the school gate to enter. But I refused and unbeknown to my dad, I ended up going to the market or sometimes to church. Finally, one day my dad found me at church during school time and he realized that I was serious about not returning to that school.

My family decided to send me to one of my aunties in a very rural place to keep up with my education where they thought I might like the simple life and school environment. But after enjoying it for some months, both my auntie and I caught malaria which nearly took my life. The rural clinic was dysfunctional and public transport was impossible due to the rainy season and there was no way to connect with my parents.

We prayed for a miracle that a car would come to our village so we could be taken to a hospital. After a week, a truck came to the village to take some agricultural goods to neighboring towns and we were loaded as well. We were rushed to my parent’s home and then to the hospital. After examining me, the doctors told my mom to go back home as there was no hope for me to recover.

My mom refused to go back home and stayed with me in the hospital corridor as I was not given a bed to sleep on. She continuously said this prayer: ‘my son will not die but will serve the Lord’. I did.

Dad and Mom

Today is my Birthday! A great blessing to reflect on God’s mercy and blessing in my life. I have great passion and I’m very committed to making Jesus known to all cultures and people around the world. I am truly looking forward for our ministry partnership and what God is going to do in 2017.

I am very thankful for you! The year 2016 has been a full year with many ministry opportunities. Through our partnership, we:

  • Trained leaders from around the globe in using digital means to share the gospel
  • Created access for people to find Jesus in multiple and easy ways.
  • Helped churches, students, and organizations run with their digital mission by connecting people to Jesus through digital means.

Thank you!