You Prayed God Answered!

Thank you for praying for the Indigitous Hack event we had early November. God did amazing things and we are yet to hear all the results from working on the 14 Missional Challenges, in 28 cities, attended by 30 supporting organizations, 67 hours of coding done, and the 83 projects completed by the 1426 participants.

You might be asking “What is Indigitous hack?” Ken Cochrum, a co-founder of Indigitous explains it like this:

“Indigitous #Hack is an opportunity to unleash the huge potential in a generation of technologists to improve our world. The event(s) will allow a community of passionate people to use their God-given gifts and experience to help individuals and organizations serve others better.”

The missional challenge I was part of was “Bible Coaching” . Our team consisted of guys from Australia, South Africa and Orlando. Tony was the project lead and he lives in Sydney, Australia. He had this project in mind for the last 5 years, praying and working on it. When he heard about Indigitous Hack, he posted his challenge and we joined him to explore it more with him. As we were making progress, this is what Tony wrote to us from Sydney.

“Well it turned out that my fears about not being able to participate today were totally unfounded. The night before our meeting I was quite literally weeping in prayer, praying and asking God that I’d get a chance to participate with my project and that I’d find some partners to work with who “got it” — tough to do when you’re virtual.
At the start of the day I could not find any developers with the right skills (faith tested). So I searched for all developers with the skills I needed and then I sent them all messages and 4 people responded (a team of 3 from Cru Florida: Bill Randal, Daniel Goer and Miheret Tilahun and Ryan Seal from Trans World Radio in South Africa). I had excellent Skype calls with all of them and we made clear plans and I received great feedback. Having all my User interface designs and use case stories on hand was pivotal to getting them excited and get it kick started.
I could not have done this skill search had I not posted earlier in the week to ask to have these skill names be added to the Indigitous web site system, so as people signed up they recorded these specific skills. Thank You Lord!”

The app’s main focus is to boost discipleship by creating a private one-on-one coaching session with a mentor in a mobile app environment. And the team is currently meeting online to shape the future of this project.

This was just one group working on one of the 14 missional challenges we had, and only time will reveal how the 83 completed projects will bring great value to the body of Christ world wide.

Thank you for being with us in prayer!

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