The promise of Federated Learning!

Federated learning is a machine learning training approach where data is not stored in centralized fashion on a cloud but is decentralized and present on multiple devices such as cell phones, IoT devices. This training approach effectively addresses the major issue with privacy because data never leaves the device. We can consider it as a new implementation of the same methodology as Map-Reduce of taking computation towards data than taking data to code.

Though it seems an easy concept, implementing it in the real world is quite difficult as there are issues such as limited computing power on devices, unreliable…

In data science and even in machine learning you will see one distribution so many times that dealing with that distribution will become so normal to you that you will call it “Normal Distribution”. (Apparently that what statisticians have done.) This is an introductory article and at the end of this article, you will have a broad idea of what normal distribution is and how to perform basic operations on it.

What is Normal distribution?

Following formula gives the pdf of the normal distribution:

Normal Distribution PDF

Hi, my name is Mihir. During third year of my college, I created a small startup and it was quite successful. Many of my college juniors and friends asked me many questions about my experience and some even asked me for tips (haha). In this article, I am going to jot down my takeaways and points anyone should consider before starting his/ her startup. I hope you will enjoy, I will keep it short. (Please read till the end, the last part is important.)

Love for the idea.

I know this line is becoming a cliche but it’s really important.

Work on the idea…

Verbal 162 :) , Quant 168 :| , AWA 3 :(

Hey !! My name is Mihir Parulekar. I gave GRE a week back and scored 330/340. It took me preparation of 20 days. This article will give a concise idea of how you should prepare and what you should avoid doing. I am not a teacher and here I am not teaching anything but I am trying to show a possible approach to crack the exam in short time available. I have formatted links in bold, italics and underline format. …

Mihir Parulekar

I love learning, experimenting and teaching.

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