Start making money as soon as you can. You will fail, learn and eventually, you will make it.

It will teach you how to face failure. It will also take you through an experience that failure is not something to be fearful of. It will also teach you how to avoid failing next time.

You will learn, the only way to succeed in life is by avoiding failures. It will help you remember a simple concept you learned in your school called Probability.

Then you will realize, making money only is not important. The money you made just now, was…

It is often argued that hyper-connected world we live in is impacting us in an enormously harmful way as we are constantly tickled with notifications & pings from Smartphone, Tablet and Laptops around us. Internet of Things is joining the present army of devices as lighting speed. In my opinion, It’s more of a boon than a curse if we can discipline ourselves and leverage them to our advantage.

One one hand, there are disadvantages it carries with itself such as increased distraction, loss of productivity, negative affect on our health, sedentary life style and much more. Internet and Technology…

Mihir Naik

I am passionate about growing medium and small businesses online!

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