So as the following story of my previous story, let’s see how to use Spinnaker in a declarative way. In this story, k8s application deploy is assumed.

Why declarative way?

In Spinnaker, people are basically required to make settings on the UI. For example, someone wants to make a following pipeline (deploy setting is called as pipeline in Spinnaker)

Are you going to make this…

Here for beginners, I will introduce what to do to construct Spinnaker environment from zero, considering Team DevOps situations.

What is Spinnaker?

Spinnaker is CD platform, not including CI. It accelerates development in a team so much.

For what usecases?

Spinnaker brings customizable and conditional CD pipelines. Our team had problems as follows:

1. Tightly coupled CI/CD

We have adopted and managed for a long while. makes CI/CD quite easy just by writing simple yaml, but CI/CD is coupled such that our deployment pipelines are triggered by Github push, execute testing, build docker container image, deploy its application on k8s using the built image.

In this case, we…

Originated from my Japanese blog.


To be honest, 10min completion would be impossible if you have never seen above techniques. But you can try, it’s always interesting to know something new.

This article is based on his blog, updated version of his.


What is Drone?

OSS CI/CD tool. Enterprise version costs, free OSS version is available too. Official Site

It’s easy to connect with Github/Github Enterprise. Once you finish initial settings, just include .drone.yml in your repository like…

Michihisa HIRATSUKA (mihirat)

Data Engineer / SREs in Tokyo. Loving Kubernetes, GCP, and wine

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