C|C Caring Capitalism

What does it mean for start-ups? 

Every entrepreneur wants to change the world and every entrepreneur also wants to scale-up! Traction is the most famous word used in the start-up world. Investor will buy an idea out if one have traction because traction means $$$.

Lately, I have been meeting many mentors, entrepreneurs and investors and I get one question asked almost 99% of the time: “how are you going to scale-up?” To my understanding, every entrepreneur wants to change the world, but here’s this unshakable fact: you don’t get to tomorrow by solving yesterday’s problem. Scale is a solved problem and there are many tools available to scale-up. So, why is every entrepreneur trying to solve that? An entrepreneur talking about scaling-down may sound absolute bizarre.

We at Humble Pen are focused on the mission of Caring Capitalism and providing the richest product experience instead of worrying about scaling. We work on our concepts, scratch off our work-in-progress concepts, throw everything in the trash bin that we have worked on and start all over new again. We are driven by providing the unforgettable experience. So, instead of focusing on how we are going to sell a product to many, we focus on providing the best product to a few.

In Caring Capitalism one focuses on singularity of a product, providing the richest experience. Anyone can scale-up, but not everyone can scale-down! If everyone is busy making everything, how can one perfect anything? We care for the rich experience that a product can deliver, we care for empowering people’s lives who are involved in our production phase and we care about giving back towards children’s education. Under a Laissez-faire or capitalist economic environment, there is a winner and a loser. Under Caring Capitalism, everyone is a winner.

Caring Capitalism means integrating the economics of profit-making along with giving. We are just like any other entrepreneurs and we give a damn about solving pressing problems that will restore the faith in humanity and push the human race forward while we also care about self-sustainability.

For decades, we have lived with the status-quo of ONLY maximizing shareholder’s value in a Laissez-faire economic environment. I must say there is no desire to change the status-quo because ultimately markets should determine the fate of an enterprise. Great products should survive and the inefficient ones should not! However, I also believe we can empower everyone’s lives and make a better world for tomorrow by changing our views of doing business.