Knowing WHAT and WHO truly matters

My daughter refused to let me go to work today. I spent almost an entire day with her. It was a life changing day.

At first I was like wtf I have work to do. I’m a workaholic btw. But that’s not the point. I felt guilty staying at home and “while away” time!

Initially I was stiff, frustrated and annoyed. I was shooting out instructions to my support staff over whatsapp. Work related calls added to the stress. As all this chaos was unfolding, I could hear my 2.7 year old daughter talking to me.

“Papa, I’m going to my “pink factory”! I will work on my designs. You don’t cry papa. I will do my work and come soon papa. Then I will take you to the garden. Ok papa?

There were calls, there were messages and I could hear the echo of my little one talking endlessly with almost no response from me.

And then I screeched myself to a halt, “Stoppppppp”. I took a deep breath, shut my eyes, kept my worries aside and asked myself.

“If today was the last day of my life, how would I want to spend. Would I want to go to work or would I rather spend it loving, talking and hugging the ones who matter to me most?” The answer is obvious. I was just being around, I wasn’t living.

So I sprang back into life and started living it again. Mihika, my daughter and me made designs with buttons and other accessories, rotis with clay, read books, spoke utter non sense to each other and at times just jumped out of the sheer joy of being with each other.

Since she wanted to visit my work, I took her to my factory. Got some work done. Told everyone I’m taking the day off to be with Mihika. Ate and left for home to put her to sleep. I was happy and content. It felt nice to have gotten it right.

I could’ve gone later in the day but I didn’t feel like so I didn’t. Clocked a few miles, reflected on the day and that’s how this blog happened.

I’m not saying life won’t keep happening to us. It will. But we must constantly strive to not let it happen and pass by and instead try to live it as much as we can.

We live in a finite universe. Make the most of it. As I said earlier, if it was my last day on earth, my choice would be different. But if life throws at us that same chance without any conditions, we are not wise enough to seize it.

Let’s be grateful and not take life for granted. Let us do the the things we ❤️with the people we ❤️ as often as we can. Let us base our choices of spending our precious time on WHAT and WHO truly matters!