As we all know, Black Friday is upon us. And with it, the 1000s of emails proclaiming ‘80% OFF SALE!!’, ‘VIP BLACK FRIDAY SALE’, ‘ONLY 50 AVAILABLE’, etc. Not only that any every company needs to let us know they’re doing it, they seem to need to let us know Every. Single. Day.

I get it, Mr. Big-Box Retailer, you’re doing Black Friday. Can’t miss it — sure. I’m 100% sure EVERY retailer is doing Black Friday. Even in Canada, where Thanksgiving was, oh, a month ago. Your daily email about it is like telling people on a daily basis…

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Have you ever looked at a Toyota Camry with leather interior, upgraded rims and sound system, premium metallic paint and ‘sport package’ any different than just another Camry? Didn’t think so.

People want to buy ‘into’ a brand, and the Apple Watch currently has a $350 value. If appearance is everything when it comes to fashion and luxury items, no one will spend vastly more to buy into a brand than what it’s considered to be worth by the public at large.

This $10,000 watch is basically buying the most upgraded version of a Toyota Camry. …

implementing marketing automation doesn’t have to be a timesuck

In 2015 having the right marketing automation platform will make the difference between growth and worrying about user acquisition. You need to be able to scale user signup, customer onboarding and engagement even if it’s Sunday evening that your video goes viral on reddit.

Marketing automation platforms were few and far between just 24 months ago. Now there are dozens of them and more are being launched every week. …

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