Why you do what you do?

Many of us have a dream to achieve something — something meaningful to oneself. However, what is certain, is that everyone has the desire to feel happy.

Still, so many of us walk through life, feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection. But we are not sure how to get it. Uncertainty has led us to the temptation to plan our lives far to the future. Excessive planning narrows our field of vision, and prevents us sticking to the unexpected opportunities.

What has led us to this situation? Led by our curiosity and thinking different (sometimes reversed), got us wondering: what would the world look like, if we flipped things other way around? If we didn’t plan a head — but kept strong grip on our human instincts and the gut feeling. And moreover, our strong hope for better tomorrow. In order to tackle this issue, we created Harvest with three guide lines in our minds.

  1. The power of experimenting

VES and Harvest were born with the idea to offer a new way of looking at challenges and things. We believe that the experiences and ideas acquired at a young age are significant when shaping the course of your future. The vocation of your life is not found by overthinking. Instead, the main obstacle on the path to success and generally finding your story is simple: not daring to try. At VES we believe in the power of experimenting: if you tirelessly dare to try new, your vocation will eventually start to brighten.

2. Introducing the opportunities of the Finnish startup ecosystem

The Finnish startup ecosystem has become unique and widely recognized across the world during the past years. In the heart of the entrepreneurial movement are 18 different Entrepreneurship Societies, like VES, Aaltoes, Boost Turku, you name it. These societies have developed organizations like Slush, Startup Life and plenty of accelerators to help and speed up your journey. Our goal is that after Harvest, none of the attendees need to say “Oh, I wish someone would have told me these opportunities earlier….”.

3. Bringing people together

Other people have a huge impact on what we become. New influences, ideas, ideologies and the atmosphere shape people’s thoughts and eventually the physical world. This crystallizes the purpose of VES and Harvest: to bring together people from different backgrounds to share their stories, which eventually will create something larger than the individuals themselves.

What we believe is, that it is not that important what you are capable to do by yourself, but what we can do together — as a team.

/ Miika Huttunen, Chairman @ VES