The Cheats

How da Vinci and Van Gogh cheated, and the tool that does it all

Would you believe Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Johannes Vermeer and many other greats cheated? Yes! They used art tools to ease their process. Lenses and windows helped them draw more accurately and create masterpieces. Or so-called masterpieces.

da Vinci’s Perspectograph

They should be considered frauds — to have mechanical help is to erase the sanctity of art! Right?

Albrecht Dürer’s drawings of his perspective machines

No, no, no, no. It wasn’t cheating at all. Unless you consider art tools steroids for artists or consider the most respected artisans of all time crooks.

The Camera Obscura was said to have been used by Johannes Vermeer and Vincent Van Gogh used a drawing aide while working in the field.

Now, introducing (drum roll, please) the ultimate “cheating” device: View Frame II, by Miira Artist Tools

View Frame II by Miira Artist Tools — The ultimate “cheating” device
“This is incredible! But it’s basically cheating.”
It’s surprising how many people say that about this modern view finding tool — “it does the work for you.”

Well, no. It measures a subject. It lets you compare and contrast. It allows experienced artists to work faster and the novice to build a strong foundation immediately. It literally teaches you to:

Understand and translate linear perspective
Measure proportions 
See and translate tilts and angles
See and register foreshortening
Scale and compose
Use the rule of thirds

View Frame II is a modification and an innovation of tools the greats used.

View Frame II comes with two plates to change the aspect ratio of the window opening. It has raised measurement markers that make it easy to set up an accurate grid or to use the Rule of Thirds.

So whether you want to compose like da Vinci or just improve your artistic ability, View Frame II is the device to do it. It helps the artist in many ways.

Really, it’s not cheating.

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View Frame II helps the artist in many ways. Really, it’s not cheating, it’s learning.

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