Fear and photography

While I was wandering around Bricklane in London I ran into one of WRDSMTH’s creation. He’s a writer from LA but seems like he was in London… or he has fans here :) So I looked up his twitter and found this quote:

Which made me think. Think, that if someone is facing fear as a photographer — what’s that fear and why is it there? What are you afraid of?

Then I talked to friends who do or did photography in the past, and they share this fear. Fear of… well, they couldn’t even describe. The closest we got is the fear of failure, but it’s not that simple.

I’m interested in this topic, because I’m doing this only for a year now, but can’t imagine ever being afraid to go out and take some photos. I love experimenting, trying out new ideas and ways to show something to the world. A new perspective, an interesting story, a frozen moment. So many options. That’s why I can’t think I’ll ever fear taking photos. And I think that’s why no one should. Because you just simply can’t take a “bad” picture. Maybe you don’t like it, but what if someone else does? You’re just taking away the chance to show something to someone — or even the world, which might not be liked by you, but someone else. I have a growing gallery on MiiSU’s 500px page with some pictures I don’t like. That’s not completely true. I like them, only technically. But some of them just missing something or doesn’t tell the story I’d like to tell. However, when friends saw those photos, they said

This is so awesome! You have to share this!

…and I was like:

…erm …eh?

Of course, asked them why, and they told a story, or it was a good balance on that photo. Which either I didn’t realise, or didn’t care nor liked at all. But still, they liked a lot.

Then I slowly started to learn, to take those photos as well. Why? Because people like it and what’s the final purpose of a photo? To please the eye or heart — or both — in any way :)

Clearly, I have my own taste and preference, but those are so specific… Yes, later, when I developed my own style, I’d stick to those, because that’s who I am.

But until that, I just go out and take photos, regardless anything. Just because I enjoy :)

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