Thank you for the shoutout sir! :)
Ryan Carson

Ryan I still miss your conferences!

Was thinking about all the folks I met at the 2010 FOWA in Miami:

Nick Pettit and Jim Hoskins invited me to go for dinner with them at a greek restaurant. This is when they were still doing

Willie Morris and I hung out a bunch that week. Since then we’ve reconnected on Snapchat. Fun to see him launch Faithbox.

Had an amazing chat with Neil Patel about marketing on the first day. Also met Evan Goldin at the pre-party. I introduced myself because he was wearing a maple leaf (and I thought he was Canadian). 😉

Met Mike McDerment for the first time (we’ve hung out in Edmonton since then). I still refer to the workshop he gave on growing a SaaS all the time.

Hung out with Olivier Lacan. A the time he was a student at Sail. Since then I’ve run into him multiple times in Portland.

I remember being super impressed with John Resig’s presentation. Super engaging.

I started a staring contest with Gary Vaynerchuk that’s still going to this day. 😂

FOWA 2010 after-party

Amazing to look back and see how everyone’s grown since then. 🚀