Legacy culture : its our fault.

Most of us have worked in a number of different roles, across a number of different industries, doing a number of different tasks. What do these places have in common… traditional legacies.

They may exist in many different forms and types but one thing we have all heard is “Thats just the way it works.”

Many of us are guilty of just saying “ok”, even if we internally question it and wonder “why does it have to work like this?”

Those responses need to change order. Question it out loud and then say ok. Technology changes at a phenomenal rate, and we create technology, why can’t we change the systems in place at this rate?

Personal attachment to inanimate systems or products has no place in the modern workplace. If we wish to create a place of work where we all want to be part of then this requires everyone to take part. It is a peaceful revolution where in the end no one will be displaced.

All it takes is you to ask the simple question to happen; “Why?”