My Motivation

Being of the tendency of a Rebel in terms of expectations I cannot formulate aims that I can achieve, nor can I accept aims from external sources that I can complete as part of a greater whole. 
I do not act for others easily, even if it is for the best course of action to follow for myself. What is worse : I cannot put in massive action for my own tasks and goals.
Now that I know this, I can begin to change my behaviour, because I can do something: I can trick myself into doing something that then turns me into a powerhouse in a very short space of time. That is in MINUTES!

One thing that I can do is reframe the task at hand as positive and fun. In other words if I can get to flow with it along with several positive neurochemicals that one experiences in flow.

Second thing that I do is 5 to 9 to 25 to 4. It is the #5secondRule that starts a 9 minute reading session that develops within the first couple of minutes into a writing code practice and then continues with me writing code until I finish one 25min pomodoro, I complete 4 pomodoros and then as many as I can until 8 in the evening.
I go to sleep at 20.00 and the following morning brings the morning ritual which is followed by the starting ritual. This repeats for five days. Then a day off OR I complete a 100 days. As of 26.10.17 I have yet to get to the five days. 
Each 5 day slot should be planned with at least one topic. So today I plan to fix the errors in code that resulted from refactoring.
5secondRule + 9 Minute Read + Pomodoros = GritTime

A third thing. Game of Escape-the-Supervisor. This is an easily understood game. I do not like supervisors or a manager breathing down my neck but I see that it charges me emotionally. I can use this emotion to my benefit. Avoiding emotions by obviating the need for a manager becomes a game that I can actually enjoy! If I do not know the exact result and consistency of behaviour needed for completing the task then it is beneficial to have someone around, but I also NEED to find ways of figuring these things out myself and once it works the number of visits from superiors and older peers to check up on me will be reduced. I like to work on my own initiative and based on the work schedule I develop, this way I can review and control its development. Of course when I need to, I will discuss my changes with superiors and ask for advice from others who work in this way.