Open Waters Deep Thoughts

“…sea of Thought alone” wrote Wordsworth in a poem about Isaac Newton. Now it may become possible to peer into the thought of people who think deeply about most things, thought included. This would further revolutionise the progress people make in advancing the productivity leverage in STEM domains and software engineering. The 100X productivity is appearing now, will it be possible to go to 1000X within the next 10 years? …and replicate that as part of a system of thinking from person to person. Could it be something that is learned and assumed by students?

There is certainly an element of breaking out of the pragmatics of a System in highly effective and transformative thinking just like in zen tuition.

Openwater is the brainchild of a former Facebook executive Mary Lou : they plan to create a wearable to enable us to see the inner workings of the body and brain at high resolution. And do that at 1000 dollars I would guess. It would fit into a hat or a headband.

You could type at the speed of thought! Or even just think up structures of code in mere seconds. It will likely go much further as it could be combined with Machine Learning, which itself will have moved by leaps and bounds in 8 years time. It will be noninvasive. It will have much potential in improving our cognitive capabilities at the speed of thought itself!

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