MHF Consultative Committee Minutes 27 June 2017

By Michael Wright

Following a request from an MHF Operator, I have decided to reproduce the minutes of MHF Consultative Committee meetings here. I have de-identified the minutes and formatted them to fit Medium.

Actions from previous meeting — 21 March 2016

  • Union Representative Feedback:

It will be appreciated if the report can show the best practices under some key MHF performance indicators. A spider-web diagram might be a good idea

  • Union Representative feedback:

MHF operators in all jurisdictions faced the challenges of keeping skill competence and resources. It would be grateful if the report can provide a more in-depth analysis about the billable assessment hours.

Safety Moment

  • ‘Officer’ duties and SafeWork powers under s155.

SafeWork NSW — Regulator update

  • SafeWork RoadMap progress.
  • Hazardous chemicals and materials exposure baseline project.
  • Draft list — Top 10 chemicals.
  • SIG explosives update.

MHF — SafeWork NSW Regulator Update

  • Introduced new team members.
  • The last newsletters received very good responses (more than 500 views of the articles).
  • There is a need to increase MHF base fee (annual fee) this year.
  • 12 Post licence-verification (PLV) were undertaken this year. The PLV program is currently under review.
  • In general operator’s Conditions of Licence (COL) submissions were not satisfactory. MHF staff will work with licensees to improve the quality of submissions and make COLs clearer.
  • Some MHF’s have already entered the second round licence cycle. It is expected SafeWork will complete the assessment in a shorter time-frame to the first cycle.

FRNSW Update

  • Presentation on Adashi, the communications platform used by FRNSW in emergency response.

EPA Update

  • The phasing out of fire-fighting foam (PFAS) in MHF’s and the EPA project — three phases
  • Updates are available on the EPA website.

NSW Police Update

  • Overview of security plan (SP) assessment processes.
  • NSW Police will work closely with the operators in providing assistance and guidelines, including a SP guidance document to operators regarding the resources available, the assessment processes and other useful information.

Actions from this meeting

  1. Members to provide written feedback to SafeWork re the AMOG report and/or feedback on the WHS Act/Regs in preparation for the 2018 review of WHS laws.
  2. Send chemical scoring sheet (Hazardous Chemicals and Materials Exposure — Baseline project) to members.
  3. Publish the MHF meeting minutes (personal information de-identified).