Mom’s Busy

Hush little child, I don’t need your voice,
Mom’s on Facebook live fighting pro-choice.
Don’t they know how important every baby is?
I have to stop something as important as this.

Hush little child, sit your butt on the ground
Mom’s got big fish to take down
Quiet over there, don’t let me hear a word
There are politicians and lawyers and businessmen to be heard

Hush little child, go play with your toys
Mom’s in the real world fighting the big boys
No one has time for make-believe and pretend
Not with the rainforests and endangered to mend

I don’t have time for your cries, please go dry your eyes
Mom’s space is important, enough with these tries.
Quit pulling my shirt, your hands covered in dirt
Whats wrong with you, child? You’re making my head hurt.

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