Projects hosted by the Eclipse Foundation will soon benefit from a brand new enterprise-grade continuous integration (CI) infrastructure. Expected improvements are: resiliency, scalability and nimbleness. We are doing this move with tremendous support from our friends at CloudBees and RedHat with their respective products Jenkins Enterprise and OpenShift Container Platform.

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A decade ago or so, the Eclipse Foundation started the continuous integration (CI) As A Service adventure by providing a single, shared, Hudson instance to its projects. It has been an immediate success. It helped projects to get more frequent integration builds and more stable releases. Despite its success, the solution had a lot of drawbacks. First, we had to find a set of plugins that were fitting everybody and that were working well together. It ended with installing only the common denominator, which was frustrating for projects which wanted to use additional plugins. Second drawback was about finding a time window for maintenance operations: it had become harder and harder. With so many projects, the utilization was close to 24/7. Updating or installing new projects was requiring a lot of coordination overhead. Third, victim of its own success, the shared instance was sometimes unstable and any downtime was affecting all projects. …

Key takeaways:

Do you want to see a Chromium based SWT Browser implementation? Please donate (or reach out to me if you want to do corporate donations) and the Eclipse Foundation will make it happens via the Friends of Eclipse Enhancement Program (FEEP).

Browser support in SWT has always been a complicated story. By default (meaning without any hint from the application developers and the users), SWT relies on “native” renderers (Internet Explorer on Windows, WebKit on macOS and WebKitGTK+ or Mozilla/XULRunner on Linux). …

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