JavaScript development is not fun for me anymore
Paul Verbeek-Mast

I must say I am quite surprised as I’ve heard people express similar sentiments: — “Is there any room for markup-only people?”, — “Do I need to know all aspects of programming to be a frontender?”. It is of course very true that, with the rise of the SPAs (single page applications) and the computing power in smartphones, we’ve seen a tremendous evolution of the what we refer to as “frontend”. That, however, to me, does not mean that there is no room for people who focus more on the visual parts and user centric parts. Every action has a reaction and I think there now is also an opposite trend where we see things like people competing on codepen/other forums to create stunning demos in CSS only (without any javascript) and static web pages (yes 90s web pages) coming back. I think soon companies will realize that is not one role “frontend developer” but instead several types of frontend developers and that you need diversity to build successful (frontend) teams.

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