Every person is a living and breathing a purpose. It may be now or it may be wasted, but it’s waiting to be found. Living in it is entirely your choice.

The world is full of souls longing to have a meaning. A legacy. A drive to be heard, understood, seen and important.

But what most people don’t realize is that the longing to be noticed when actually “fulfilled” is not something that is ever lasting. Somebody may send a quick compliment or perhaps your job congratulates you with the next big promotion, or even that guy/gal you’ve noticed has finally took a moment to smile your direction.

But, the longing soon circles back to you once the mere satisfaction has subsided. The emptiness, the gap you were trying to feel starts to ache and crave that satisfaction once again.. it’s vicious to live by these world standards to only fill gaps for moments instead of a lifetime.

But, what I’m here to tell you is this…

You absolutely DO NOT have to live by this set of agenda.

There is far more in store for your life then brief moments of satisfaction. You have PURPOSE on this earth and if your busy chasing after the satisfactions you may just be missing out on your lifetime fulfillment, calling and define purpose.

Did you know YOU are the only person who can fill your purpose.

It’s true. You have PURPOSE in this dark, daunting world. You were never created to live life in vicious short lived cycles.

“Before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvelous Grace.” / Galatians 1:15 /

When it comes to PURPOSE the world drowns every bit of your soul. The world is not on your side and the world does not ever want to see you succeed… so do not let their negative remarks cast excuses into what only YOU were meant to do, live, breathe and accomplish. There will always be people that will try an pull you down with them, but you must remain strong.

Your purpose is yours. Not theirs.

Your victory is in those giants. Your strength comes from over coming defeat. Do not pitch a tent there where you were only supposed to pass through..

Never accept limitations!

When you accept limitations you have let them define you instead of letting God define you.

God has made you for purpose and design, only YOU were born to live out.

Which means, you will be mocked. You will have so called haters. These people do not see the vision set for your path because it is not THEIR path. It is YOURS. You have to remember you were born for greatness that only YOU can accomplish.

No one else is able to do what YOU were set out to walk and live because God made you unique. With every flaw, every bend, every strength and every trait. YOU were made to live. The hard part is….

Have you found your purpose?

Do not freak at this point. God has a time and a place for anyone who is seeking for it. He is bringing you through trials, heartaches, mistakes and tough times so you can live out your greatest potential of all. It all has purpose, it all has meaning, you must remind yourself to keep in faith forward.

If there is a dream in your heart God put it there for a reason. You can’t be what you can’t see. So put it in vision.

Every single one of us has our own purpose.

Someone else’s purpose is not your purpose. So what might work for others will not work for you.

Do not make the mistake of trying to mirror your way through life. Do not listen to others that are not worthy of propelling you to your destiny.

Your story is unique and not worthy of comparison.

Humility is what wins in life. Do not feel you have to make yourself big in order to have impact…

You are more than able to impact NOW. Right where you are, in your imperfect mess. Don’t miss your time for living your purpose by thinking you need to be big, bold or already rooted. Just start.

You have an appointment to your destiny. Add value and heart right where you are and God will work out the rest.

And don’t think it’s going to all fall into perfect place. Life happens and let me tell you friend life is messy no matter what you do where you are or how you act. While living out what you feel is your duty, calling and hopefully your legacy. There WILL BE more trials, challenges, & mountains to conquer.

Life is about the journey not about the destination…

Once you have realized life is about enjoying the journey and not the destination or accomplishment. Your life will feel more at ease and much more meaningful. Once you have reached a destination there will always be a new dream, goal, or hike to a new destination. The journey is what brings us there so we must soak it all in because life is EVERY but about the journey so we can accomplish our destination.

The biggest thing to be afraid of is NOT failure. The biggest thing to be afraid of is to succeed at something that is useless.

Don’t waste not one moment of time that is not important or not leading you to your dream, goal or purpose because when you have wasted your time… you have then wasted your life… you will have wasted your potential and that is when you have lost your vision and your purpose. Stay focused.

I will leave you with this…

God can use you. Yes, You have plenty of insecurities. Who doesn’t? (There is no excuse there) there is no person that doesn’t have a flaw or have been ashamed of a mistake they have made. Even God knows you are imperfect and guess what.. he loves you as messy, flawed, imperfect and beautiful as you are. He loves your every being. He knows you are surrounded by imperfect human beings just like yourself. There is no perfect person and never will be.

So stop trying.

There is no comparability to one another because we are all created individually unique. We all have a different story, background, plans, dreams, and souls.

Our souls all have a define unique purpose.

God uses those very insecurities. He uses the very source your so ashamed to admit. He uses them to show you that you are set free from the sloppy, all not so pretty traits or actions we try to bury deep inside ourselves. He uses you for the things you think you are “not good enough” for. He uses you for things that you believe you are inadequate for.

You would not be strong and you would not be unique without your story.

He uses you for the EXACT things you are MOST FEARFUL of. So you can come out fearing NONE. He is miraculous in that way. Always pulling out the mountains to conquer as we quiver hoping the mountain would just collapse. Have you ever faced a day like that? When worst comes to worst it’s time to throw on your hiking boots, stand tall with posture, sling your backpack of over your shoulder, and start the climb.

The climb that will strengthen you. It is going to build your character in the midst, it will shape you into a conquerer.

OR you can join the rest of the world… as a mere moment to moment, gap filler, camper. One who pitches their tent, sits in their excuses, pity and let’s the world tell them who they are and what they can’t do..

Forever planted, planted in emptiness, filled in fear, filled in regret for never even attempting to lace your boots to begin with.

Don’t back down when He is going to use you. Don’t turn away from a destiny that is YOURS, and only yours. You were made unique. God wouldn’t have taken the time to form you and mold you if he didn’t have a plan for your life. DO NOT let fear step into the way of your future. A future only YOU are capable of doing. With your talents. With your abilities. Trust in knowing God’s plan is much bigger, much higher, and much more satisfying than your own wildest dreams. Put hope in yourself and most importantly put hope in Him.

Grasp your purpose and run with it. What else do you have?

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