What Every college student needs to hear

We were all born with the “great” method in life is to go to school, get good to average grades, get a job, and live the American Dream. Right? Well, I’m here to tell you different.

I’m 20 years old. I always had good grades, I have two jobs now. Seems normal right? How is it we’re told to do all these things that supposedly make us/lead us to be successful and we all still come up struggling to make with what we have?

I have seen this year, the already retired are now having to get jobs at 60. YES 60 years of age! just to pay their bills and living expenses. I see them at fast food industries, Publix, ect. That is the American Dream? Work until we retire. Then once we retire only to look forward to working again..? Where is the actual LIVING in that kind of trap.

Why don’t we start thinking outside of what we’re told “to do” in order to be successful. There’s not only ONE way to do it. THINK DIFFERENTLY then society. Because what I know for sure that the American Dream may have worked THEN; in a different time, in a different age. But as we know things change with time. What worked in the 1900's is not always going to pan out in 2016. Technology, trends, new ideas and businesses are growing by each and every minute!

I’ve said all this to bring about my point. Don’t live by what society tells you, or else you’ll never truly LIVE a day in your life.

Be an entrepreneur

Some may see this as a foreign word because no ones actually been taught that there’s not just one way about being successful then just doing what I stated above.

Definition entrepreneur: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

Now, I know taking on a risk is seemingly scary word and I know that there is nothing wrong with having a job and working til’ you die, BUT that’s NOT your only option in life, what if I told you there’s a business out there that already will work around what you ALREADY do day to day while pursuing entrepreneurship to be financially stable, so you can quit your job, get back your time and be successful, and free to TRULY live and do the things you want in life.


A compensated marketplace company designed to pay you to buy the everyday products your ALREADY buying and using day to day, month in and month out.

Bonvera has created something that has NEVER been done before, a site where you buy your everyday essentials (examples: all hygiene needs, cosmetics, groceries, ammo, fishing rods, kitchen appliances, baby diapers ect.) at a discounted price which can be equal to your local store or BETTER. Only Bonvera ships your items to your door. The products you already buy, use and love on one site.

Same Brand Names.

Now you ask how is this Bonvera any different from Amazon? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Bonvera gives you an opportunity to make your everyday shopping essentials a business! That’s right, a chance to make money back on the everyday products you need every month. You spend the money ANYWAYS, your going to buy the products ANYWAYS. So why not turn your ANYWAY money into a business? Bonvera has made this possible starting March 1st you Sign up for $199.95 (a one time flat fee) and with that membership fee includes YOUR site with all of the products and your favorite brand names you recognize in stores, along with our own private label goods at a low discount price. We give you 2 cases of our private label all natural energy drinks, and 2 boxes of our private label all natural protein bars just for signing up! You share the good word of Bonvera, bring customers to our site and YOU make a percentage off of each person’s order you bring in, dropped in your wallet. Stop handing out your money to the big corporations like Amazon, Publix, Target, Walmart, ect. Instead of giving them your money and driving to buy from their store. Buy from your own site with Bonvera at low prices AND MAKE money all the while doing it!


Now, maybe THIS isn’t for you. But the message here is to Go and DO what YOU think will make you successful. Stop listening to the world and their rules to success because there isn’t just one way… there’s MANY WAYS. YOU are in charge of YOUR future. Everything starts with YOU as to if you’ll be successful or not. Chase after your dreams! Don’t work away your life. Find a way to LIVE YOUR LIFE. To travel, to spend time with family and friends. To buy back your time and not trade your short and precious time on this earth for money. Create a system to get your time AND money back in your life. Because IT IS POSSIBLE! Don’t let what people say stop you from what’s right in arms reach that you can grasp. All its takes is some guts, bravery and being comfortable being UNcomfortable because every breathing soul knows if your comfortable your not growing and if your not growing your stuck right where you are. Be brave and OWN YOUR LIFE. Think and do what’s outside of the box. It’s never too late to be and do what you envisioned for your life!

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