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I am standing on a small rock, in the middle of the wilderness.

The air has started to get colder and I can feel how winter is closing.

I am exhausted.

I’m trying to look around, but a thick layer of trees and bushes are blocking my view. Every direction looks the same. Because my team is waiting, I try to squeeze out a little more willpower to determine where to head next.

The past 1,5 years, I and my team have been grinding like never before. Along the way, we’ve surely found small gold nuggets here and there. Nothing…

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

“I’m so so so sorry for being late but the traffic was crazy!”

We’ve all been there.

Being late is not unusual, but it is somewhat problematic if you are trying to become a better, more successful version of you.

My Story

About a year ago, before I embarked on this journey of becoming the best version of me, I was practically always late. And if I was on time, it was always a close call or just pure luck. I blamed my hectic startup-entrepreneur lifestyle, traffic, or even prepared to lie about being pulled over by cops (yeah, it was that…

Mikael Hugg

I am a public speaker, thinker, and entrepreneur. I talk about personal growth and try to live as I preach. Try, fail, learn, grow, and prosper.

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