Most of us die at 25, and aren’t buried until 80

Seriously, most of us do the same thing here. We are newborn baby somewhere in the world, we raised by our parents, taking elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, going to college and graduate from a university. It’s a common thing in nowadays world. But what we gonna do in life after that?

We choosing another path in life by working on a company, trying to make living from it. We work hard to doubled our savings to buy things. We need to buy smartphone, buy car, buy house or apartment, and also need a trip to relieved our stress. We wake up in the morning, participate in jam-congestion-time everyday in our way to work and do the same thing from 8am to 5pm every single day, repeatedly, until we caught our 25th birthday, then boredom killed most of us. Repetition kills our creativity, turn us into walking zombies, following orders, creating reports, we do anything for living and we forgot about our dreams, our passion, our true life purpose in this world.

Did we have any options?

Actually, we got 2 options in life. We choose to be a sheep or a wolf. The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care.

The sheep is an employee path of career. They choose to make contract and give their time in exchange for stability in a company. Some of them will do anything to get into big and prestigious company. At first their main purpose is to find experience and make living from their job, but most of them will stay in the same company (or move to another company, but stay as an employee) and don’t want to get out from their comfort zone because they already make good pile of cash from it. The best position they got after years of experience is higher position in company, work as a consultant, General Manager, and CEO. But after they retire, some of them choose to invest their money to a startup company or creating one.

The wolf is an entrepreneur path of career. They choose to make contract with themself (their dreams) and create things out of nothing. They give 10 years of their life suffering, struggling, and fighting for what they believe is the best thing to do. Most of them fail on their first year, won’t go far, and then choose to work as an employee. Some of them create big fortune for themselves and turn their company into one of the best company in the world. After that, they’ll investing their money into startup company or creating another one. They who succeed are do-ers. They won’t stop until they got what they want.

So what is the best thing to do? In my opinion the only thing we can achieve what we really want is to fight for it and don’t stop.. DO NOT STOP until you get what you want. Be responsible, DREAM BIG, make list about what you want to do, DO IT, try new thing, get a LIFE.

If you want to live as an employee go find your place, find your interest, learn more, hustle, get promotion, chase your dream.

If you want to live as an entrepreneur learn from others, read more, find your interest, hustle, fail 10 times and get up 11 times, chase your dream.

See? Don’t die with dreams, die with best memories.

Your dream will always there to remind you how cool you are, how great you are, and why you live in this world. You live for a purpose, find it. I’ll help anyone who have purpose, who want to fight for their dream. This kind of person deserve the best, they are the dream-chasers. Don’t die at 25, go hustle until the world know who you are. You guys did good now, you will get what you want.