Easy trick to gain legit followers fast on your Facebook page

Depending on your product or purpose you might want to grow your follower base on Facebook. We all know that we can buy bots and not verified accounts to like our page via Fiverr or similar pages, but the more interesting question is “how do I get legit followers on Facebook?” — and this without spending a fortune! This article is based on my experience with Facebook and might or might not be adaptable for all purposes.

Target funny posts to low cost markets

As we all already know: fun & humour works on socials. That’s why I am targeting my funny posts in regions like India, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, where a lot of people speak English and have a high mobile interaction rate.

When your target group likes and shares your post, you will get a great organic reach as well and your post might even go viral. In my experience 30–50 Euro are a sufficient amount to get 5–20 thousand likes on your post with a reach of above 200k views. If my post has been really successful, the organic reach is even higher than the paid one — this is awesome, right?

In south-east Asia and India a like of a post costs under 1 cent (Euro) and the really funny thing is that the 20% text rule seems not to apply here — well this is only my experience and can’t tell if it is a fact. So make those memes with funny quotes!

Invite people that like your posts

Facebook has enabled admins to invite people to like their page, if they have liked a post. These people already like your content so they are a pretty easy catch. There is a limit of probably 500 people that you invite to like your page a day, but if you get 14k likes on a page there is a lot to invite.

In my experience the people in Asia interact to the invites much better than Europeans. In a day I can grow the follower base with 100–200 individual people a day. This might not look much, but on a monthly basis you get up to 3–6k and on a yearly basis up to 36–72k followers and that is already a lot. The great thing is that these followers are legit and there is a high likelihood that they will interact with your posts.

With this method you can get your post go viral as well, but I think this will be the topic of my next post. Hope you liked this one and let me know, if you are interested in some other topics on Facebook and/or other social channels.