Enhance your Home Decor with Mikasa Real Wood Flooring

Designing your house is not as easy as it seems. It is not only about the wall paints, wall- papers, furniture or styling your room or kitchen, there is a lot to it than the mere designing process. You need to pick an elegant flooring design that must compliment your interiors as well as furniture. Randomly choosing a flooring option is not a good idea. You need to know about its quality, plus the reputation of the company in the market. Mikasa Floors is a reliable company offering real wood floors since its inception.

Mikasa Floors picks beautiful pieces of wood that seems to retain its natural character, and perfects it by using the latest technology. It has a wide range of inspiring design options in real wood flooring that is bound to give any home a unique character.

Here are 7 reasons you must definitely pick Mikasa engineered wood flooring.

1. These floors use only real wood floors that exhibit authenticity. They will surely showcase the serene essence of nature throughout your home.

2. They are composed of 3 layers, including a real hard wood, a stabilizing core and a balancing layer. Altogether, this construction provides stability and sturdiness to every plank. Besides, they can withstand any climatic conditions restricting the expansion and contraction of wood.

3. This real wood flooring is easy to install and re install. To put together two planks, it uses PlankLoc, a revolutionary technology that ensures that the joints that bind the two planks will never open up.

4. Mikasa floors come with a warranty of 30 years. Besides, they are available in variety of shades, surfaces and textures.

For more details visit: http://mikasafloors.com/