(photo by Keith Haring)

Why You Need To End Your Disabling Beliefs

And Begin To Acknowledge The Light Within You

Beliefs are at the root of everything we do in life. Every choice we make is based on what we (are influenced to) believe about the world, ourselves, and other people.

Let me explain:

Our minds are constantly searching for patterns, and when we subconsciously or consciously notice things, we form beliefs about what will and can happen in the future.

For example:

  • If you’ve had one or more painful experiences with dogs as a child, more often than not, you will probably grow up thinking all dogs are dangerous. When there is a dog, the mind will make sure you retreat from it.
  • If you have been around domestic violence, it is likely that you might also become abusive when you are older or be subject to abuse, since your mind’s definition of love is likely to have been conditioned as emotional/physical abuse and manipulation. When there is abuse, the mind will make sure you find love through it.
  • If you are consistently told and shown that making a lot of money is only possible for others, and are not given enough of the required affirmation and confidence to believe you can do that as well, you will probably form the belief that you won’t become “one of the greats”. When there is opportunity for success, the mind will kick in doubt and fear.
  • And if you experience a pattern of being told that you’re a failure, or that you’re stupid, or any other negative, down-playing talk, hearing this enough times will convince your mind to BELIEVE these are true. And essentially, all your actions will be based around that belief. You will not try hard to succeed because your mind thinks you’re a failure and won’t be able to.

This is all because it is easier for the mind to notice patterns and create assumptions than it is to reevaluate all the factors in a situation and create a logical reasoning for events. It expends less energy this way. If our brains were constantly reevaluating everything in the world, with no ability to remember patterns of events, we would constantly be rediscovering everything. Everything would be new and would have to be learned again. It would take us literally hours to actually get anywhere or do anything.

Creating patterns is the mind’s way of making sense of the world, so that it can more easily predict what will happen in the future.

It is essential for the mind to work this way. Through the mind’s creation of patterns, it will make sure not to confront dogs anymore, and to be weary of any furry, dog-like creature that it is approached by. It will make sure to find love through abuse, because that is all that it has learned. And it will make sure you do not do anything risky to become successful, because it has learned and is convinced that any attempt for success will result in failure. It is convinced that you are not good enough.

But the greatest thing about being aware of this information is that we do not have to remain slaves to our minds’ conditioning and beliefs. You and I have the full ability to change the disabling belief that “I can’t do anything,” or “I am not talented enough” or “Its not for me.”

STOP THAT!! You are in COMPLETE AND TOTAL CONTROL of your thoughts and beliefs. You can literally change them in an INSTANT.

I say this because I used to fall victim to disabling beliefs about what I thought I could and could not do all the time. I use to believe I was worthless, untalented, and a burden. I have been able to overcome my disabling beliefs and create new ones about myself. Now I know that I am full of so much worth, light, talent and value.

So how did I do it? First, I acknowledged my disabling beliefs about myself. I understood that those words were only what I BELIEVED about myself, and that my perception is never reality. I added VALUE and PURPOSE into everything I did (and still do) on a daily basis by forming the belief that what I was doing was valuable and purposeful. And to this day, I make sure I understand that I am truly worthy and important. I practice my beliefs (just like we all do) and make sure my actions reflect them thoroughly. And this has my made my life all the better. To quote Anthony Robbins:

“One of the most important global beliefs that you and I can adopt is the belief that in order to succeed and be happy, we’ve got to constantly be improving the quality of our lives, constantly growing and expanding… The only true security in life comes from knowing that every single day you are improving yourself in some way.”

In all honesty, it isn’t going to be easy. Beliefs easily become habits of thinking. It is hard to break out of something our minds have become so comfortable with accepting.

But fortunately, it is not impossible. All it takes to change disabling beliefs is self-awareness and a strong enough desire to change.



  1. Decide what you want. Recognize the disabling beliefs that are preventing from getting that.
  2. Associate pain to your old beliefs, and associate major pleasure to changing them.
  3. Interrupt the pattern. When you notice yourself speaking or thinking about those damaging beliefs, stop yourself.
  4. Create a new, empowering alternative. Replace that old belief. This will take some sitting down and really using your head.
  5. Condition the new pattern into your mind. Make it a consistent form of thinking and make it a habit.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to make a change in their lives. It is a strenuous effort, but with enough practice and consistency, you will finally be able to realize how much light and life is really inside you. Living can either imitate heaven or hell, depending on what you want to believe about the world. Never let your past conditioning prevent you from creating a great future for yourself.