More Audience or More Journalist?

In the argument of which is most important regarding the distribution of news, the audience and the journalist are primarily the two parties that are argued for or against.

The question of whether the journalist or the audience is more important when it comes to news is being discussed more and more as technology is evolving. With smart phones and blogs making it easier to access news and create news yourself, some believe that journalists are becoming obsolete. Why pay someone to report news that you can find online in some form or another? Not only that, but as news is taking different forms on a mobile platform, it is easier for an audience to dictate what is news and what they should share and promote on social media. It seems that nowadays it is easier for an audience to control a story than a journalist.

All that being said, the journalist is important as well. Not only because they facilitate the story in the first place, but also because they are held to a different standard than civilian journalists. Professional journalists are not only trained, but they are legally obligated to follow certain rules. These rules involve credibility and accuracy of the news and story.

The world we live in today is incredibly fast paced. We are dictated by who can do what the fastest/first. If we continue to live by this way of life, the audience will continue to dictate what is news and what will be distributed. However, by doing so we are sacrificing the credibility and accuracy of the stories that we are receiving. Through sacrificing time, the audience is demanding a story that may have errors or an incorrect statement.

When it comes to what news is being distributed and how, I believe that we must have a balance of involvement of the audience and journalist. We need a facilitator, someone who will take the time to double check the facts and confirm the story does exist before submitting a story for the audience to distribute and highlight as they see fit. I believe that the audience is what demands a story and what makes it viral, but the journalist is the one that makes it credible and a story that is worth reading and reporting on.

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