Audacity : Beginning story of Opla my new startup

We are working hard!

Marie and I left mobile apps to new adventures with Opla’s startup a few months ago.

Apps changed the way we communicate and interact with our smartphones. I started programming apps 16 years ago, the market of apps is now mature. But another phenomenon has arise, which will change our daily life more deeply: Chatbots. They are not so tech-savvy and new. Who remembers Zork Adventure, Radiohead’s Googly Minotaur ? Now machines are so powerful that they could easily mimic human conversation using massive statistical algorithms. But you will reply: Google, Facebook, Microsoft already invested a lot of money in this area, how could we make a difference ?

Opla is an assistant dedicated to one task: your website. Opla will create, update and manage your website. By focusing on a narrow domain using scripted conversations we will quickly have a first product on the market. We will not try to solve all human natural language problems at once. Step after step Opla will reinforce and be wiser. One of our strength and value is that we build everything from scratch. We are a hacker based company. We envision to bring fresh new ideas in the chatbot and artificial intelligence area. We are not in an ivory tower. So we interact with other solutions as Slack, Facebook Messenger and others.

Preview of Opla for Facebook Messenger

Opla for Facebook Messenger will be soon available. It will create a one page website. 
We are very proactive on our Facebook page:
And we also launched a first website at

What do you think about it?

That’s all for today. If you want to continue the conversation, Feel free to feedback, comment or contact us here and on Facebook
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Mik & Marie

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