What is wrong with the self-obsession?
Daria Krauzo

I agree and disagree.

I’m only going to talk about my personal experience for obvious reasons; but I’ve been involved in situations in my life that very few people will go through; so through the content I produce, I aim to share the lessons I learned about how fragile life is and how we should be grateful and make the most of life because others aren’t going to have those experiences.

However, I completely agree there’s no set path for everyone to follow; so I expect people to take what they will. You could read an article from me one day and not connect with it; but you might another day; depending on your personal situation of that moment.

That being said, when you talk about have we only just discovered ourselves; I believe we have. For thousands of years human beings have put their faith in gods and deities. The human race has drawn meaning and purpose from the gods and the spirits who governed everything.

However, over the last 100 years, this has dramatically changed as god has almost disappeared, and more people than ever before have now be told to find meaning within themselves.

Find your purpose.

Find your drive.

Undergo your journey.

True power comes from within.

All that kind of stuff.

The thing is; I believe the human life isn’t is a continuous struggle for happiness. Want to live life to the fullest? This means you’ve got to experience all emotions that life has to offer.

After all, you’re not going to get angry or sad over something you don’t care about, only stuff you really care about; but if you’re pushing those emotions away while trying to be happy all the time, how are you going to know who you truly are?

This is why I make content in ‘personal development’. Because so many people I know personally are stuck in a comfort zone and they want to get out but they’re so scared of doing so; whether that’s out of fear of themselves, fear of judgement from others or otherwise, but not doing so means they create this bubble that becomes harder to escape.

Agreed, we probably don’t need to count every calorie and every minute of sleep; just as long as we’re not being really unhealthy; and we probably don’t need to be super disciplined throughout every minute of everyday, but sharing our stories and experiences are so important.

After all; we’ve been doing it since caveman times as a way to help us all grow; and without stories; the human race wouldn’t be where it is today!

Haha that went on way longer than expect! 😂