H&R Block: You’re making it worse!

Below is my complaint I’m sending to H&R Block through their online feedback form. This is my second year experiencing problems with their cloud software, so this is especially colorful and thought I’d share.

Picture the mom in Home Alone on the pay phone in the airport saying, “Somebody please pick up…pick up!”. So I’m “hyper on two” at this point.

OK, before you read this — We’re all human, here. We all have feelings. So I’ve taken out any derisive, sarcastic remarks out for the sake of the poor soul in boot-on-the-ground Tier-1 support that has to read it. OK, go.

Dear, H&R Block,
Your software, like last year, to say the least, is sub-par.
It’s warranted this complaint because it’s preventing me from navigating the site and robbed me from any shred of confidence I had left that I can get all the money back from the government that I’m entitled to so I can provide the best quality of life for my family.
For example, when presented with the Personal Info page, the only option was Edit This Information at the bottom.
I didn’t have any information to edit. It was all correct. What a timesaver. Good job, HRB. You did one thing right.
There was no Next, Next Step or Continue button as expected, so I clicked on the next step, Income.

…and hoped for the best. Remember my confidence was counted in shreds.

That red arrow is pointing out missing text. A minor glitch in comparison.
Expecting the next step to be presented, I got a message that I need to complete the form.

Oh, boy. Here we go.

So I said to myself,

Perhaps it’s my mistake. I’ll comply and click on the big green button there and move on with this great waste of a Saturday afternoon.

Fact: If their buttons grace you with their presence, they’ll do what they want, not what they say.

Welcome to the Take Me To page!

How precious. But the lovely menu of options presented here look to be links, but in fact they are just plain text. Surprised? I wasn’t. Even though I’m quite familiar with software development, I desperately clicked on every single line of text in the list as if one of them would magically work. Picture the mom in Home Alone on the pay phone in the airport saying, “Somebody please pick up…pick up!”. So I’m “hyper on two” at this point.

But wait, there’s more!

To make matters worse, this feedback page hasn’t been fixed since I complained about it last year. The problem is, it’s not external to the secured app so its subject to the automatic logout. Clicking Cancel (instead of the only other option, Continue) to avoid logging out will clear the text on the feedback form.

For you slow folks, that means the message needs to be rewritten. The longer the message, the higher the pain. You get it.

The funny/not-so-funny thing is, the most dissatisfied users may be the ones that write the most in the feedback form and thus are more likely to lose it — the text as well as their sanity.

But will they lose their patience and not rewrite their complaint? Perhaps?

Will they rewrite it but keep out all the salty details like what I have so graciously provided for you in this post? Perhaps.

Does H&R Block customer care leadership deliberately turn their cheek to this bug in order to impress their bosses and stakeholders with mostly positive feedback? I hope not.

Fortunately, I continually copied my well-thought-out message to my clipboard — just in case.
It’s not all your fault, HRB. My mistake was that I used you again after I said last year that I wouldn’t. I won’t be making that mistake again.

That’s the end of my complaint. And of course the end of my nearly decade-long relationship with H&R Block. We had good run there, Herb. 
And this is the end of my post. I would write more but I have to get back to getting my taxes done. Maybe I’ll give TurboTax a whirl. Thanks for reading.