It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

Growing up my dream, my calling, was to be the shortstop of the NY Yankees. It was my everyday focus. My obsession. It wasn’t IF, it was WHEN. The rest of what else I did everyday was simply in the way to the fact that some day the PA announcer at the Stadium was going to call my name as I left the batters box. “Now for the Yankees, at Shortstop # 5, Mike Crocker, Shortstop”. Bob Sheppard saying this to 50,000 people rang through me every single day.

HOWEVER, a fairly large, kind of impossible to overcome hurdle popped up when I was 15. I was cut from my HS baseball team!! I don’t recall Derek Jeter EVER getting cut from his HS team? So the dream came to a painful end. The focus of my existence, OVER. NOW WHAT!??!?

So, college. Accounting. ACCOUNTING!!??! A mere mortal! UGH. But I needed a job. SO instead of winning World Series rings I was figuring out debits vs credits! “Closing the books” each month. Noooooooooooo. Can’t be. I began a lifetime hatred of my HS Coach who’s name will be forever protected as much though I want to expose him even right this minute for the poor judge of talent he is!!! He was WRONG!!! Idiot!!!!! Ok I feel better.

I went on to have a very enjoyable, satisfying 35 year career. I put aside as much as possible the ground ball hit to me in the 9th to end the game, or the walk off game winning base hit. Monument Park! Well maybe I didn’t. But I was given wonderful opportunities in a long career which I was very grateful for. But my true calling? Nah. Too late for that. Dream died at 15.

OR was it!??

I realized one day when I was out for a long run that I had in me something that was my true calling. Something that was always there. I knew it was there, but never acted on it because it was too late. Not to be the shortstop. Not to be the player. But to COACH. I realized that I was at my very happiest when I was helping young people. To Inspire them. To support THEIR dream. To help them when they trip and fall. To provide a vision, a pathway to success in their life. To listen.

When I did those things I wasn't working, I was living life to the fullest. I realized that my original shortstop dream wasn’t my calling because it was NOT REALISTIC. THIS true calling was realistic. After 30 years in a career I found it because I CHOSE TO FIND IT!!!

It is NEVER to late to find your calling. Once you do, grab it, live it. You’ll never work another day! CHOOSE TO FIND IT!!

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