STAR POWER! The Organization Stars SEPARATE themselves from the “Pack”

During my long career in Pharmaceuticals, I spent A LOT of time studying the “Star Power” model. Having been fortunate to lead many different teams, as well as being surrounded with hundreds of formidable colleagues and leaders it gave me the unique opportunity to watch those who became STARS within the organization, as well as the industry. Although there were many different paths taken I began to see a pattern which was at the core of building this Star Power model.

If you look within any successful organization there are many excellent performers. Those who go on to have successful careers as they make important contributions to support their companies success. These folks are critical and should never be minimized. HOWEVER, there are only a handful of true STARS. Those who not only contribute, but who enable organizations to reach long term, sustainable, unique success. To create a LEGACY for others to follow.

First these Stars must separate themselves from the PACK of the others, including those who are quality performers. Here is a summary of the model I have witnessed over many years of observing and studying:

  1. Beginning: When these individuals begin their journey they are simply part of the pack. They don’t start off with a ‘silver spoon’ in their mouths. They just fit in like everyone else. However, they have a plan…..
  2. .“Networking with the Stars”: They are studying very closely the other STARS in the organization. They find many ways to be around them. Join at the hip. They ask alot of questions. Find out how they became stars. Ask them to be mentors. They are the ultimate sponge. While others are more comfortable hanging out with their colleagues in the “pack”, growing at an equal pace, this is not the future stars pathway. Actually, this is the first step outside of the pack!!!
  3. Volunteering for project teams: They quickly realize that it is critical to their future stardom that they show excellence beyond their core role. So they have their hand up ALWAYS to seek out opportunities to contribute to various areas of the organization, outside of their realm of core responsibility. This could be contributing to the work culture, future business endeavors, or operational efficiency improvement efforts. It also provides them an opportunity to be seen by other leaders throughout the organization for future reference.
  4. Selfless in helping others: This may seem like a surprise to the model as we may think of them as being dominated in focusing on only themselves. Actually the opposite is true. This is a critical cornerstone to the STAR Power model. An organization is only as good as the people within it. This includes ALL employees. This takes mentoring, and guidance from many, not just the so called ‘leaders’. Those who make it an important part to proactively help others succeed STAND OUT from the Pack.
  5. Listen more than Speak: Again this may seem a bit off what one would expect. However EVERYONE in the pack talks at meetings. Everyone spews many thoughts to get themselves heard. Take notice of the Stars and more than not they are the one’s taking it all in, listening to the various comments and suggestions. When do they speak? At the end! They take the time to think through the issue. The time to formulate the optimal response. Also by that time everyone has exhausted themselves and the Star usually has the floor all to themselves. So they SEPARATE!
  6. Become true experts at their craft: The quality performers in the pack tend to have a very good working knowledge of their arena and industry. Most of this knowledge comes from the MANY meetings they attend, industry conferences, and from the leadership team. The STARS go well beyond that. They know they cannot be a Star, no matter what other qualities they possess unless they are the smartest person ‘in the room’. So they READ, READ and READ some more. They spend time with other know experts in their field almost obssessively. They REINVENT their expertise knowledge base every month. They are the ones “teaching” others. This also allows them to be INNOVATIVE!
  7. INVESTMENT and Hard work: No matter what, none of this is done without outworking everyone. Although maintaining the proper work-life balance is always critical, the bottom line is the Stars are those who are usually ‘the last to put the lights out’. Utimately this means becoming a star does not have an “EASY STREET” sign attached to it.
  8. Living the next position: The Stars know they can’t jump into the next position upward AFTER they find out about it when HR posts it. This is by far the most common approach by most pack members. The Stars identify the next position well ahead of time and begin to act as if they are already in that role. They proactively seek rotational assignments and find the model for those who have been the most successful before them.

Stars are NOT BORN. They are SELF CREATED. Yes it’s a CHOICE!!

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