Why the abortion debate is so screwed up

The pro-choice/anti-life and pro-life/anti-choice sides argue about totally different concepts.

The abortion debate comes down to only one question: When do you believe that life begins?

If you believe, like I do, that life and a person’s soul is created at conception, then the debate is easy.

Intended abortion at any stage is murder. It’s wrong.

If you believe that life doesn’t begin until the conceived being can live on his/her own outside the womb, then it’s not murder. Leave a woman’s body alone.

If you believe life begins at conception, then the choice a woman made is to have sex and “risk” life being created. Once that choice is made, she has no right to take the life that is created inside her, just like none of us have a right to take another life.

If you believe that life begins once a conceived being is “viable outside the womb,” then of course a woman has the right to control her body. There should be no debate about that.

The abortion debate would take on a lot more meaning if both sides would simply argue the same question: When does life begin?

Fine print: Of course, there are exceptions to every absolute. In self-defense or defending others, it’s acceptable to take another’s life. For intended abortions, there are times when it’s generally acceptable, like to try to save the life of the mother, pregnancy from incest, etc.