jQuery Is Better Than React
melissa mcewen

Oh god… I think you didn’t grasp the profound nature of ReactJs compared to jQuery.

The main point is that jQuery promote imperative code and DOM mutation all over the place whereas ReactJs promote the exact opposite: functional code and immutability. If you don’t value that, ok, ReactJs is not for you. But I personally found these two aspects very valuable. It changed my way of coding for ever, and it will change also my way of coding in the back-end in Java.

And I don’t even talk about components. React promote encapsulation, boundaries and reusability. jQuery don’t do anything about this.

By the way, I still use jQuery in few ReactJs components when I need to measure things in the real DOM. But that’s very rare and I never ever use jQuery to change things in the DOM.

Sorry to tell you that but, comparing jQuery with ReactJs is just plain wrong. Just because they enforce you to do opposite things. If you want to compare two things, it means you can use them to perform something similar. This is not the case here (well ok, both are here to build web apps, but common, that’s not the point).

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