Employee Intranet Social Improvement: the Benefits for an Enterprise

When it comes to having a modern employee intranet, ensuring it’s socially optimized is a key factor. While companies once shied away from encouraging social networking during regular working hours, it’s now become a tool that organizations can use to their advantage.

The objective for any company intranet is to experience reduced expenses, increased efficiency and more team collaboration, and the socialization aspect of the platform will directly influence those benchmarks.

Employee Intranet Helps to Reduce Expenses & Increase Efficiency

A social employee intranet will help reduce expenses through increased efficiencies, in countless ways.

For example, when employees are able to collaborate in real-time on a project, it can eliminate expenses in a few different ways. No one needs to travel to the meeting, and any questions can be addressed immediately.

Project completion is expedited, as issues are addressed immediately and everyone can participate, regardless of where they are physically located at the given time. Or, perhaps the HR manager spends half a day every week filling out vacation requests.

When you have the ability for a time-off request board or page, with forms employees can fill-out and submit for approval themselves, the level of resources needed drops dramatically. When your valuable employees get their time back, their output in other areas will increase.

Team Collaboration

If team collaboration is important to your organization, you’ll need social functions to facilitate this. In order for teams to work together, they need access to real-time discussion groups they can access on any device, from any location.

When it’s easy for people to work together, their output and efficiency will increase. No more picking through long strings of emails or waiting days for a response to a simple question.

Data Management

The ability to maintain, mine and manage the information and content created by your employees throughout the course of their work provides a substantial long-term benefit to other employees, and the entire organization.

For example, if the sales team is working on a pitch and they create a brand new template from scratch, and knock the presentation out of the park, why would future employees waste their time duplicating this work? The presentation template is now there for anyone who will need it in the future.

Employee Intranet Engagement

By now, we all know that happy employees are motivated and productive employees. Having a social intranet helps to keep employees engaged with their teams, and the entire organization. When employees feel valued and appreciated, their work improves.

Providing your employees with new intranet tools to make their jobs easier, and ways to spend less time doing administrative tasks, shows them that you value their knowledge and expertise, and demonstrates that you know their time is valuable.

Employees are a company’s biggest asset, so keeping them engaged and motivated should be paramount for all organizations. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free Intranet demo request!

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