To Survive and Compete Organizations Must Focus on Personalizing Their Customer Experience

In today’s technological world, the options are limitless and competition is fierce. Every business to business company makes claims that they are the right choice. We are constantly bombarded with marketing campaigns on the next great tool that will help us grow our business and take us to the next level.

What solution do you chose?

What we really should be doing is taking a step back and looking at what will really make us more competitive. What really makes a prospect or customer chose one solution over the other and what makes a customer remain a customer in the long run?

According to Gartner 89% of business leaders today expect to compete primarily on customer experience.

Customer really is king as the old saying goes. People by nature want to feel important as if they matter and in today’s busy and automated world it is refreshing to add some personalization to business.

The question now is how can we make the customer experience more personal? Wouldn’t it be great if as a customer when you called in for support or an inquiry you were greeted personally and the person on the other side of the line knew you by name? It adds that personal touch that no one can deny improves your experience.

Nectar Desk allows for a better customer experience through our advanced data appending functionality. We have almost completed our REST API that will be the most advanced data appending call center software available in the market.

This API will provide a complete 360 degrees view by pulling missing data from other sources all in order to provide a most personal experience for both customers and prospects.

The Nectar Desk roadmap is dedicated to equip organizations with the most complete customer profile to ensure their clients experience the most personal experience.

By 2018 companies that invest in personalization will outsell those that don’t by 20%. In order to compete companies must start to focus on personalizing their customer’s experience.

What is your plan?