Who Cares About the Other End?

What are we? Well, we’re the first call center software built with the customer service representative in mind, not the customer. It’s revolutionary, I know — we’re made for people who are actually going to use our helpdesk, not the people who are paying money to your organization.

Customer service is the all-important padding between those who create the business and those who use it. Your representatives are ombudspeople between you and your users. Yet they are often neglected when it comes to training, technology, motivation and feedback.

They should not be a distant second thought. Your customer service needs to embody your company philosophy, which is why we created the Nectar Desk.

I believe that to do any job you need the right tools, and customer service is no different.

Here’s how trying to cut down a tree with a hammer plays out in real life. A day before Christmas I went to Nordstrom to get a last-minute holiday outfit. I expected for the staff to be helpful, courteous and quick. Holiday time is the best opportunity of the year to convert would-be customers.

And, if the service is good, the potential for those customers returning is incredible. The key is to stand out during the holiday hustle instead of treating your customers like a sheep on a conveyor belt. The exact opposite happened to me.

Staff at Nordstrom were not trained well enough to handle the holidays. It was clear that they were seasonal workers who were only taught to follow the script their managers laid out. Any deviation from it was automatically panic mode a la this video:


With Nectar Desk, I want your company to avoid the same blunders. Its analytics and feedback mechanisms are based in hard data. It teaches you how to teach your customer service.

Asking “have you tried turning it off and then on again?” is all well and good but it’s not impressive or memorable. If you want your return rate to climb, your approach to customer service needs to match your ambitions.