Blur effects, part 3: Techniques for smoothing text while keeping it sharp

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From the days of physical typesetting: copper Monotype matrices and a lead slug depicting a person at a printing press.

First, there was written language. Shortly after came type, a way of optimizing written communication through the reuse of identical characters. Typesetting might have been used as far back as 2000 BCE: there’s evidence that ancient Mesopotamians used a form of typesetting to stamp cuneiform impressions on bricks.

The point is that humanity has a long history of caring a lot about the appearance of our written communication.

In my previous article, I wrote about the challenges of turning square pixels into curving, irregular shapes and how anti-aliasing can help. …


Mike Jacobs

Writer of design guidelines for Microsoft, scuba diver of the oceans and seas, and photographer of things. https://twitter.com/mikethesnowbean

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