Blur effects, part 3: Techniques for smoothing text while keeping it sharp

From the days of physical typesetting: copper Monotype matrices and a lead slug depicting a person at a printing press.

Blur Effects, Part 2: Anti-aliasing

I bought these little paper triangles from the Seattle Art Museum’s gift shop. I occasionally ask them to pose for me.

Blurry vision and blur effects in photography

Using physical elements to create a visual hierarchy and organize content in a way that’s easy for the user to process

Making an origami crane out of a sheet of acetate was a bit trickier than I expected.

Depth cues helps us perceive and make sense of the real world

Forced perspective is one way to use monocular cues to manipulate depth perception. Here, I used forced perspective to make my living room look like a doll house.

How we perceive depth

The story of light starts with the atom

Me playing with movement and light. I created this image with a single exposure using a wireless flash and a flashlight.

Mike Jacobs

Writer of design guidelines for Microsoft, scuba diver of the oceans and seas, and photographer of things.

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